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Unit Riders


  • _E-commerce
  • _Information architecture & interface design
  • _Content management system

As far as clothing companies go, Unit Riders is certainly unique. Designed to cater to the BMX and motorcross market, Unit Riders is a fusion of art and two-wheeled action sports that aims to reflect this in their branding and website design. Over the past several years Unit Riders have become one of the most well known and popular apparel companies in Australia, and more recently have their eyes firmly fixed on reaching a worldwide audience. One of the keys to their success is knowing their target audience intimately. Everything they do resonates with their market, in turn creating an almost cult following.

Working with the brand since 2007, Tusk recently launched a renewed integrated ecommerce/social enabled digital presence. The highly successful e-commerce platform features a sales-driven design with user-friendly shop features, ensuring a swift sales process for all online customers. Additionally we have worked on the development of an integrated stock management system, allowing Unit Riders to correlate stock levels in real-time between their online and offline/ground sales. The result has been a supreme, time saving system that works to simplify supply chain management.