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Brand Strategy & Activation


Cassandra Pullos Lawyers


  • _Brand development
  • _Corporate ID
  • _Collateral rollout
  • _Information architecture & interface design
  • _Content management system
  • _Print advertising

When Tusk was commissioned to work on the branding of Cassandra Pullos Lawyers, it was important to consider the market in which this brand would live. As a family law practice, clients of Cassandra Pullos Lawyers are most often families or couples in crisis, and as such the brand needed to convey a warm and inviting feel to adequately represent the law firm in a competitive market.

Tusk designed a logo for Cassandra Pullos Lawyers that aimed to resemble a circle of chairs in a meeting. This circular notion was developed to highlight the firm’s holistic approach to their work, which is mostly grounded in dispute resolution. As well as this, Tusk also designed a range of print ads that featured in local newspapers.