From Our Friends in Dubai

Our friend from Dubai recently sent us this beautiful picture taken of the Burj Khalifa in the evening. (Image, top left.) The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and can be seen from anywhere in Dubai. I was fortunate enough to enjoy a sunset view of this spectacular building on my first evening in Dubai whilst eating a delicious Lebanese feast. (Image, top right).

Even more amazing is the sight of the Burj Khalifa during the 2011 New Year celebration. The video above captures the building and its impressive fireworks display.  

AW for Dom Perignon

A special series of Dom Perignon bottles/packaging have been designed to pay tribute to the late Andy Warhol. The artwork was designed by the Design Laboratory at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art & Design, who were commissioned by Dom Perignon to reinterpret the iconic artists timeless ideals. These bottles will definitely be highly sought after and highly identifiable, as the company has never before tampered with their label. The special series will feature blue, red, yellow, lilac, yellow and emerald green labels. You can also watch the making of the designs here

Perrier X Dita Von Teese


To compliment the new range of “Paparazzi” Perrier products, Dita Von Teese has graced the entire packaging product line in order to effectively portray the companies creative direction for the glamourous vintage pin-up girl look of days old. The company have also launched a 100% interactive website also starring Dita Von Teese. This media rich website invites the user to enter the Perrier Mansion where Dita conducts a private tour of the establishment, with various actions to be taken along the way to move forward. This campaign is very consistent, the seductive and sensual feel Perrier are going for in my mind is perfectly executed through the details, the copyright, the text, branding, the muse, locations, packaging and design elements all breath sophistication. Ogilvy Paris worked with Perrier on this campaign. 

Standing Out is What it's all About

Clearsprings, Y Plus Yoga Centre 

Product packaging is a section of business which has multi-faceted possibilities. Packaging can be used as an extra form of advertising, for displaying a companies innovative & creative side, to inform consumers of product attributes & features, to reinforce brand identity, and obviously for functional/storage capabilities. Truly effective packaging will conjure positive emotions when placed in contact with consumers and furthermore will prolong, even stop the buyer from disposing of the packaging because they like it so much. If your packaging is looking tired or dull, it may be time to start thinking about updating your look. Contact me at sam@tuskagency.com for strategic advice.