We're Hiring

Yes, we're hiring! TUSK are currently looking to fill 3 positions:

Graphic Designer // Gold Coast
Digital Designer // Melbourne
Web Developer // Melbourne

Sound like you or someone you know? Then check out our Careers page for more info >  click here

Hiring - TUSK Agency

Maritimo // Ten Years of Innovation

Saturday night saw TUSK celebrate 'Ten Years of Innovation' with the team from Maritimo as part of the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. Maritimo staff from around the globe, along with special guests celebrated the night set amongst the latest range of Maritimo motor yachts and their offshore racing boat which were on display at the Maritimo exhibit. Congratulations to all the team on their ten year anniversary along with another successful boat show.

TUSK - Maritimo

TUSK - Maritimo

TUSK - Maritimo

TUSK - Maritimo


TUSK Agency - Typism

Typism is the brainchild of ‘tactile typographer’ and Griffith University lecturer Dominique Falla, and will see seven of Australia’s best typographers, type designers, calligraphers and logo designers coming together to talk about their work at the first creative conference in Australia to focus purely on the craft of typography.

TUSK's own Aurelie Maron will be one of the speakers on the day providing an insight into her amazing typographic and design work. Along with presenting, Aurelie has also showcased her skills developing the beautiful, handcrafted Typism logo for event (shown above).

In conjunction with the event, Typism is calling for submissions for the first ever Typism Book - calligraphy, typography, type design, hand-drawn type, hand-lettered type, beautiful handwriting etc. Submissions close July 14 > so get busy

The one-day conference will be held at the BCC cinemas at Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast, Wednesday September 4th.
Tickets are on sale now and selling fast > don't miss out

Game time

Join us >>

Welcome Aurelie

TUSK's newest studio member, Aurelie, has done her first round of social artwork for 2013. You can see her concept above, on Facebook and Twitter. You can also check out lots of our previous artwork in the "Cover Photos" album. Let us know what you think... We already think she's great and cant wait to see more from her this year!  

We are Hiring!

Tusk are looking for some talented individuals to join our team in 2013:
/ Junior Designer
/ Accountant / Book Keeper
/ PHP Programmer

If you are looking for a freah start - APPLY NOW

Tusk Xmas Break


TUSK's Technical Director, Phil Rasmussen has flexed his way to another title yet again! Competing in the QLD Armwrestling Championships over the weekend in Brisbane, Phil went undefeated in both arms in the 95kg and under category, with spectators noting that he, 'creamed the competition'. 

When asked to comment on his secrets to success, Phil puts it down to healthy, clean living and a strictly Vegan diet. He goes onto say, "myself, the winner of the 95kg category and Ryan Phillips, the winner of the 95kg+ category both follow a Vegan diet..." casting doubt on the common perception that meat = muscles! 

Here at TUSK, we're all very proud of Phil, his dedication and his outstanding Armwrestling achievements - We wish him and his guns the best of success in the yeras to come!  

And here's Phil bulging for the camera below...

Sidewayz Art Exhibition

  • Tuesday, 14 August 2012
  • By Tahnee Wherritt
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TUSK's own Art Director Andrew was recently selected as an artist for Sydney's upcoming Sidewayz Art Exhibition. The exhibition features artworks on recycled skateboards and snowboards as well as photography submissions. Proceeds raised through the exhibition will go towards assisting humanitarian organisation the VOICE with their work in Cambodia. Andrew's piece is titled 'Rinse & Repeat' and will be on display at the Global Gallery in Sydney - If you're in the area, get down and check it out, Opening Night is Thursday 16th August 2012.  

Code Wrestler by day // Arm Wrestler by night

Tusk's own Technical Director, Phil Rasmussen, has taken out the Arm Wrestling title in the West Australian State Championships. Anything but gun-shy, Phil went undefeated all day and easily took out his 95kg division in both the right and left arm categories. He then proceeded to take down the heavyweight champion who stood at a towering 6'6, with his burly build weighing in at a massive 150kg.  Phil went on to admit that "in our best out of three show-down, I was taken down in the final two rounds... He was a real monstor of a guy!" As much as the team at Tusk like to have a joke at Phil's expense, we're truly pumped to hear of his achievements and our support will continue to bulge in-line with his biceps, as he heads into the Australian Titles. Full writeup of the West Australian Armwrestling Championships here.



Would you love to work in a creative studio and have completed/currently studying a related discipline such as marketing or design?

Tusk have an opportunity for a super keen intern to assist in administration/marketing with a range of daily tasks. This hands-on role will give you great insight into the workings of a creative agency and allow you to show us what you can do. 

The ideal candidate will be available full-time for 6 weeks from 2nd July till the 17th August however we are happy to look at a few days a week to fit in with other commitments you may have or for a shorter placement if that suits.

Please send us a short CV and a cover letter explaining your strengths, your career goals, and why this placement would be perfect for you.
Email us at intern@tuskagency.com


Sign up to PAPERKUTS, 2012 News from Tusk Agency.

Just put your details in HERE.

We're Back!

Happy Holidays

Positive Posters // Andrew Suggit

The 2011 Top 30 Positive Posters Exhibition was held last night in Melbourne, where TUSK's own Andrew Suggit's poster was on display. His 'East Africa Appeal' poster was amongst only 30 chosen, across the world, to be hanging at £1000 Bend, Melbourne. We are very proud of Andrew's achievement and the powerful statement made by his poster.

East Africa Appeal

The facts & figures speak for themselves. According to the United Nations, about 3.6 million people are at risk of starvation in Somalia and 12 million people across the Horn of Africa, including in Ethiopia and Kenya.” - ABC News Online -- The worst drought recorded in 60 years. An estimated 30,000 children have died in Somalia this year from malnutrition. Camp Dadaab in Kenya, the world’s largest refugee camp, is now home to 400,000 displaced people in need of food, clean water, shelter.

The Gun Show

  • Wednesday, 2 November 2011
  • By Zoe Bruce
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TUSK's own lead developer Phil Rasmussen has recently begun dedicating his spare time to the Australian Armwrestling Federation (AAF). Not long after showing an interest in Arm Wrestling, Phil took it upon himself to create a ground swell for the sport which has in the past, lacked any form of public noteriety. His first step was to create an online arena for felllow Arm Wrestlers to connect, share and stay up to date with the most recent news and events. From here he became the secretary of the AAF and the primary voice behind the sport. Also amongst Phil's efforts was the organisation and media coverage of the Australian Armwrestling Championships, which took place yesterday the 1st November in Doncaster, Melbourne. 

Phil himself placed 2nd in the left hand 95kg division and 4th in the respective right hand division. The team at TUSK have watched as Phils biceps and the recognition of Arm Wrestling has grown and we would like to congratulate him on his 'massive' achievements.

 Interested in finding out more, watch Channel 10's coverage of the days event here >>

East Africa Appeal

Our Art Director Andrew Suggit has been shortlisted in the 2011 Positive Posters Top 30. From 2500+ entries from 80+ countries, Andrew has made the cut with his 'East Africa Appeal' poster. Read more about the appeal below:

According to the United Nations, about 3.6 million people are at risk of starvation in Somalia and 12 million people across the Horn of Africa, including in Ethiopia and Kenya.” - ABC News Online -- The worst drought recorded in 60 years. An estimated 30,000 children have died in Somalia this year from malnutrition. Camp Dadaab in Kenya, the world’s largest refugee camp, is now home to 400,000 displaced people in need of food, clean water, shelter.

Andrew's poster will be on display with 29 more at the Thirty exhibition on November 9 at 1000 £ Bend in Melbourne. 

Like the appeal and the poster? Share with others on facebook and/or twitter now >>

Finals Shortlist, Monster Children

Mark Trzopek: 'Girls NEUW DENIM', 2011 Monster Children Photography Competition

We would like to again congratulate TUSK Graphic Designer Mark Trzopek who has made it to the final shortlist for the 2011 Monster Children Photography Competition. 1 of his 3 shortlisted images has made it the the finals and Mark will be flying down to Sydney for next Thursday evenings exhibition event, whereby all 3 of his images will be showcased and the winners will be announced. He and we alike, all hope he takes home the $$$$


Come and check the piece our Art Director did for the Foot Locker Art Prize. Not sure what he's been eating over in that corner, but he ended up in the forest with a high top.

You can 'Like' his Entry at the Footlocker Art Prize HERE



TUSK is on the move!

The studio will be taking a short hiatus on Friday 17th June in order to set-up-shop at our brand, spankin', new HQ.
For all pressing enquiries please contact us on, 07 5657 0609 or hello@tuskagency.com.
We appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming you to our new studio space in TUSKopia.

Kind Regards,


  • Wednesday, 1 June 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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That's all we can show for now..in the meantime, things are starting to move out.

Mc Fail

  • Tuesday, 31 May 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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Need I say more. 


TUSK are looking for a talented midweight to join our growing team. You must have at least 3 years experience working within a branding consultancy or design agency ideally working on corporate projects. You will support the design team to create, develop and document identity concepts and bring these to life across a range of print, digital and environmental applications. You must be a good conceptual designer who can think strategically and not just aesthetically. You must also be able to execute your ideas beautifully on the mac being fully proficient in CS3. Working directly with the Art Director you will be well mentored and supported.


– Creatively develop content production on brand and digital development projects.
– Delivering design work of exceptional quality on-time
– Closely collaborate with the development team


– Above all - Passion
– Up to date knowledge of current design and interactive trends
– Expert, hands-on knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.
– Works well in collaborative environment
– Meticulous with design details and attention to quality

MUST SUPPLY a link to your online portfolio & your resume.
(please note failure to provide a portfolio demonstrating brand, print and digital design examples will mean your applications will not be considered...no phone calls, no written applications without work examples).


careers@tuskagency.com or click this link


TVM is on again this long weekend so make sure you get down to Burleigh Heads State School Oval to grab yourself some hipster wares and support some of our emerging Gold Coast designers. 

Keep an eye out for our very own Zoe & co and her stall Tee & Treasure.



Gold Coast Dubai

Really like the colours and textures Andrew used to create the skyline here - makes for a really cool image. Merging the two cities of Dubai and the Gold Coast, we used this image for a client piece on our recent trip to the Middle East last month.


We have positions available for an immediate start.

- Cold Fusion Developer
- PHP Developer (Drupal preferred)
- Marketing/admin (Graduate preferred)

More details available here

Por Favor

Remember how much easier it was in high school when you got your hands on a copy of last year's english essay that you just weren't quite smart enough to write? Well it seems that some people never learn. For the second time in two years, we have found that apparently our work is just so good that it has been plagiarised twice... by the same guy! Check out The Dream Lab's credentials document, look at all familiar? I guess we should be thankful that this time around he had enough forethought to change the name from Tusk to The Dream Lab and stop using our ABN.

A quick scan of his client list leads me to believe this guy loves alcohol, cars and clubs. Maybe The Dream Lab is a reference to his 'special place' where he dreams that his current clients are BMW, Barcadi and Titanium Bar.

I wonder just how long it is before he realises we've re-branded and 'borrows' our new layout too. Well, you know what they say... Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! 

See for yourself!


  • Friday, 4 March 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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It's 2011 and TUSK has re-branded.
Introducing to you our new look and feel, one that works to exemplify our values,
our personality and our core belief. 

Because, at TUSK


We hope you enjoy. x


  • Tuesday, 22 February 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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Change is in the air at Tusk. More to come in the following weeks. In the meantime, enjoy this treat. 

Happy Palindrome Day

  • Friday, 11 February 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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Happy Palindrome Day.

Get Connected With Tusk

  • Monday, 18 October 2010
  • By Sam Martin
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At Tusk we specialize in developing brand, advertising, digital and motion solutions for businesses in all industries. If it's your first time visiting our webpage or your Company is discussing the possibility of a full scale campaign or specific creative work leading into summer, you can get connected with Tusk, by signing up to our monthly newsletter, facebook & Twitter pages, which communicate our current work and creative direction. In the October issue, we announced collaborations with three market leading brands and to find out more about these developments, only takes a click of the mouse! 

Tusk wins 2010 MACCA Award

  • Monday, 11 October 2010
  • By Sam Martin
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Tusk Agency received a MACCA award for the 'Best Website' in front of a sold out event on Saturday evening. The award was for the website which we designed for the Gold Coast Suns Football Club. We are very happy with this achievement and would like to thank everyone who was involved in the awards evening. 


“Vision is the most advanced of our senses. We understand the world through our eyes and images play an exceptional role in human perception-we evolved to make fast decisions based in what we see, determining friend from foe at a glance (Michael Fleischner)”. More and more lately, I have been coming across companies of all sizes, whose websites do not properly portray who they are trying to be, and most of all it can be blamed on the use of ineffective and dated images, colour schemes, formatting, and patterns.

When a person visits a companies website for the first time, they will immediately form an impression of the company based on the images and colours which they absorb. This imagery will then assist the person in making evaluations about the companies personality, professionalism, attention to detail, and the overall company in general. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your website is visually appealing by keeping up with trends and technological advancements.

At Tusk we continually succeed with our clients visual website requirements by focusing on:

  • Utilizing the most up to date creative software
  • Creating a true reflection of your core business
  • Incorporating images, colours, and patterns which create a unique visual offering for viewers
  • Using the most innovative design techniques

A website with amazing imagery will stand out from competitors and will properly communicate what your brand stands for. It’s a bad idea to let your businesses website fall behind. Let us reinvigorate your existing website or create an entirely new design for you today. 

Contributors: Abduzeedo, Flckr, Paul Smith

Art Director Found!

  • Tuesday, 23 February 2010
  • By Nate French
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After only 2 and a bit months at the helm, our Art Director Nate went awol from the Tusk office. 
After a few frantic phone calls and email messages we located him in the far north-west of Papua New Guinea. After befriending the locals, gorging himself on pounds of seafood and surfing himself senseless on what he calls "God's Left-hander", Nate is now back infront of his keyboard waiting for the next brief to hit his desk ... albeit a little sunburnt.

NSW Tourism Symposium

Our Managing Director, Catheryn York, had the opportunity to present at the NSW Tourism Symposium held at the beautiful Byron at Byron resort yesterday. The presentation included a case study of one of our clients, Crystal Castle, followed by a series of workshops with the participants.

Welcome to the World

Introducing to the world some brand new offspring.

Darren has been quite popular and busy in the last 9 months fathering 2 new children:

David and Darren; Darrid and Phil and Darren; Pharren...

Words of advice for young creatives

  • Thursday, 9 April 2009
  • By Catheryn York
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We have compiled a list of tips that could be useful for student or junior creatives who are compiling portfolios and looking for placements/jobs. We get inundated with requests to see junior resumes and portfolios and unfortunately there aren’t enough spare hours in the day to see everyone. But this way we can direct them easily to a bit of help.

The tips are below.

Creative placements: We do place junior creatives on a short term placement basis; usually a two-four week stint. Each year we usually only do one placement so there’s often a bit of a wait. We do these so that juniors (usually studying) get to experience life in an ad agency. If you’re interested in a creative work placement then please contact Catheryn York by email only - catheryn@tuskagency.com


We have put together a list of things we’ve learned along the way. This is just what we think....

1. Keep it quick! Creatives looking at your book have limited time so make the most of the opportunity and only show your best work instead of everything you have ever done.

2. A good portfolio tends to have between 7-9 ad campaigns and a few other creative ideas.

3. Get to the bottom of a brand. Try to find out what makes them different to everyone else and what’s at the heart of their product and their company.

4. Demonstrate different tones of voice. How does this brand talk to people? What’s their personality?

5. Find different ways of talking to people. You don’t always need to conform to the conventional. Logos don’t have to sit in corners. Photos don’t have to be funny. And long copy is not scary.

6. Do more than just press ads. There are many other interesting ways of exploring an idea. What are the appropriate media for your idea? What medium is right for your audience? What will draw people in and surprise them? (TV, press, radio, online, viral, ambient…)

7. Expand at least one of your ideas into a big campaign and prove it’s not just a one off poster or TV ad.

8. We like to find out about you as well as seeing your portfolio. Show us the short film that you’re making on the side or your greatest holiday experience. We see tons of ads, but sometimes it’s these little funny things that sums up who you are.

9. Listen and take notes too. You’d be surprised how many people don’t!

10. If you like a particular agency, go back to them again with more work. Try to build a relationship. This will help you make more contacts, they may recommend you to their advertising friends and colleagues.

21 Today

  • Wednesday, 21 May 2008
  • By Catheryn York
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