Wayfinding Signage

Beautiful wayfinding signage here for the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto from the guys at Claan


Aurelie Maron // Chalk Lettering

TUSK's own graphic designer Aurelie Maron is featured this week on design site Design Montage for her amazing typograhy work. In the lead up to Aurelie guest speaking at TYPISM, the post features a great interview with Aurelie along with a cool little video showcasing her chalk lettering skills.
Check it out


Adobe / Non-Format

A rare look behind the scenes at Non-Format who have been working with Adobe on imagery for Adobe CS6 Design Standard Package. Recognised world wide for their art direction, image making and custom typography, this is a fascinating look into how technology is allowing the duo to live in seperate parts of the world which suit them personally, whilst allowing them to still collaborate professionally. By developing a different way of working they seem to have achieved a great balance between lifestyle and business.

Upside Down, Left to Right: A Letterpress Film

A great short film about letterpress and one of the few remaining workshops at Plymouth University, UK

Yayoi Kusama: Look Now, See Forever

Over the holidays I headed to GOMA to check out one of their most recent exhibitions 'Yayoi Kusama: Look Now, See Forever'. Far exceeding my expectations, the exhibition features an array of colours and engaging works spread out across various interactive rooms. If you're in the area, take the time to check it out, the exhibition is running from 18th November 2011 - 11th March 2012. 


A great piece here from our friends at Breeder. 'Equilibrium' is their response after being invited to create the title sequence for the recent week long digital festival Pause Fest - wow!

Dietrich Wegner

  • Thursday, 10 November 2011
  • By Zoe Bruce
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Dietrich Wegner is an Australian born scultper, best known for his series work, Brand Tattooed Babies. The Cumulous Brand pieces are powerful representations of our brand saturated environment. What is the true extent of brand messaging and what effect do these messages have on those who are most impressionalble, children? 

His more recent works, seek to foreground ideas about eterntity and in particular the notion that nothing lasts forever. Our world is transient in nature; technology, environment, humanity - Whereby what we once see, may no longer be. Wegner explains: “A contradiction exists between what our eyes enjoy and what our mind knows. With this conflicting experience, I aim to evoke our curiosity and our unstable assumptions” 

NEXT: The future of T-shirt graphics

A great video on the state of graphic T-shirt design and where it is headed.
Check out the exhibition: NEXT @ Outpost / Cockatoo Island, Sydney / Nov 4 - Dec 11

More info on the project from the Outpost website:

 Deep within the steep steel structure and brick walled confines of the Heavy Machine Shop lies NEXT, nestled in a core of cotton. Throughout it's evolution, street art has taken on many forms and mediums, however, it is arguably street fashion in which it finds its most natural progression from the static streets, into walking works of art. NEXT is an excision and examination into the heart and soul of one of the most influential and vibrant subcultures - T-shirt culture. Many reformed train-slayers and wall-painters have used the humble T-shirt as a platform and staple in their arsenal to achieving design fame. NEXT will be inviting 20 local and international artists/designers from powerhouse institutions of street wear to give their view on what the future of T-shirt graphics has in store by creating a one-off design to reflect the designer's vision, and explore potential graphic trends. These will be housed on site, along with approximately 1,500 T-shirts from premiere brands in street fashion - ultimately achieving Australia's most comprehensive display of street-inspired T-shirts.

On the outskirts of this display, the brick walls will be lined with a 30 panel display complete with portraits of 30 leading owners and creatives active in T-shirt culture. Accompanying the portraits will be a profile and the origin story behind the brands we wear and love. Accompanying Australia's largest T-shirt exhibition will be Australia's largest T-shirt, proudly towering over the exhibition. On its chest will be the national premiere of the French documentary 'T-shirt stories: Cotton, Art & Fun'.

Melbourne born, T-shirt messiah, Eddie Zammit, curated the NEXT exhibition. With the impressive credentials of being founder, owner and editor of the world's ONLY T-shirt journal, along with a devout passion to the T-shirt medium (owning 2,200 T-shirts personally), the exhibition is in capable hands. This is the physical culmination of the subculture he loves. "Let's not dismiss street wear as a T-shirt category, let's explore its evolution," Zammit says. This exhibition seeks to balance both it's position as a retrospective and a responsive - a time capsule for the humble T-shirt and it's marriage to the form of street art.

2012 Semi-Permanent book submissions open

Semi - Permanent


Submissions for the 2012 Semi-Permanent book are now open.

The bi-annual book which showcases creative talent from around the world is calling on artists and designers for submissions to feature in the next issue. There is no theme, artwork can be of any type or style - so get busy. Submissions close 10 January 2012.

For more details - click here
To purchase previous issues - shop here


Barry Patenaude // Drawing Attention

  • Tuesday, 8 November 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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Friend of the studio and all round good guy, Sydney-based illustrator Barry Patenaude will hold his first ever solo show at Showcase Gallery.

Barry has a background in architecture and has been an illustrator and draftsman for ten years. He began exploring his personal style of illustration just three years ago and is a selected artist for Art Harvest, has been published by Semi Permanent (2008 edition) and Six Years Later, and was a contributing artist for the My Sydney Riots Red Cross Appeals Art Show and FBI Radio’s Still Life Art Auction Fundraiser 2010. 

A Dinner in the Gallery with the artist will be held Thursday 15 December from 7pm.
Contact Showcase Gallery for bookings and further information. 

Bleach* Surfing the Fringe

In 2012, the Southern Gold Coast will be home to the city’s newest and most exciting Festival - Bleach Surfing the Fringe. Bleach is Gold Coast’s premiere and inaugural Surf Culture Festival celebrating artistic expression and creativity inspired by surf and beach culture. Via a mix of eclectic pop up art installations, photography and film exhibitions, and music events all targeted to represent the surfing lifestyle, Bleach will take over the spectacular beaches, foreshores and major venues unique to the Southern Gold Coast. 

When: 11-26 February 2012

Come Like it here


  • Monday, 3 October 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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The date has been set for the R + C Official Launch!

Save the date for the evening of 11 November 2011.



  • Thursday, 22 September 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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I was asked to take part in the ONExONExONE Project, which is the first annual deck exhibition presented by the
Three Sixty Project, raisng money for skate programs working with under-privileged youth all over the world.

Should be a great night and some amazing talent on show.

A special thanks goes out to Joshua Thorsen aka KID09 for getting me involved.


The Gold Coast show is at 19KAREN Gallery // 28 OCT. 
More information can be found here.

Below is about as much as I can show....

Visual Languages, Typography and Client Culture w/ Erik Spiekermann


This interesting clip sees legendary Typographer /  Graphic Designer Erik Spiekermann discuss the new visual languages, design processes, the analogies of music and typography, and why we need better client culture.

Founder of MetaDesign and FontShop, with FontShop being the first ever digital distributor of fonts, and designing more instant classic typefaces than any other, Spiekermann has been recognized as an outstanding expert internationally as a lecturer and professor.

Bianca Chang - Stop Motion

A video showcasing stop motion paper builds by Bianca Chang she created for Sydney's A4 Paper Festival. Beautiful work.



The wait is over! rabbit + cocoon is finally up and running(actually, more like hopping). You are invited to join us at the multi-arts hub for a Sneak Preview evening featuring pop-up projects and events that champion local talent! 


– 'White Rabbit' group exhibition curated by Flat White Spaces 
Kid9, Trent Mitchell, Shelli Bankier, Bhats, Fiona Kennedy-Altoft, Alley Cat, Daniel Johnston and- LmtdSpace

– Gold Coast Music Industry Association* Live painting by Claudio Kirac
– Fashion Parade by Emma Milikins and Love Street* Drumming book launch by Daniel Briffa 
– Video and Flash projections by Jason Nelson
– Open studio by film-maker Talon Clemow

RSVP Essential to FB event page or email us. Hop to it and spread the word!!  


  • Thursday, 19 May 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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 14 PEOPLE - 7 TEAMS - 1 IDEA: Create something different.

The creative process can be very insular. No matter whether you're a fine artist, a designer, a developer or a writer, coming up with - and executing - ideas can be a lonely process involving just you and your imagination.

We believe that great minds really do think alike... no matter how different they are. By inviting seven pairs of creatives from diverse fields to work together, we're challenging them to look past their vastly different creative processes and skill sets and concentrate instead on what they do best - being creative. The resulting collaborative artworks could be disasterous, or they could be truly mind-blowing, but what they definitely won't be is boring. 


-- Second Edition: OPENING May 27 Substation No.4, 22 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane  

Art Harvest

  • Tuesday, 17 May 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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Get stuck into ArtHarvest.com.au for a hit of Australia's emerging, art talents. Launched today, the site features profiles of local, unknown artists and their works.

For the Art Fan:
Users can browse and buy a selection of works, with the range currently including; prints, skateboards, laser etchings and wall graphics.

For the Artist:
Artists can apply to have their work displayed and sold through ArtHarvest.com.au - It provides a tailored platform for artists to begin the canonisation of their works.

From ArtHarvest.com.au"We have two main aims at Art Harvest:

(1) To nurture and develop a community where Australian artists and designers gain exposure, promote their artistic efforts and interact with like minded people.
(2) To give people the opportunity to own these unique and limited artistic products at affordable rates.

Get your art on today. 


Make-up Artist Celine Boudelot joines forces with Coupe Hair and Hello Friend for an upcoming Art Show at Nobbys Beach, Gold Coast.

Make-up & Eyelash Extensions by - Celine Boudelot - Love a Lash
Hair by Sarah Jones - Coupe Hair
Styling by Kimberley Jackson - Hello Friend
Photography by Thor Elias  
Model - Gabrielle Epstein

Artists include:
Martin Harris
Brady Monk
Joy French

Saturday 7 May, 2011 - 7PM

Coupe Hair Salon, 32 Lavarack Road, Nobby Beach, Gold Coast, Australia 4218 


So come and support some Gold Coast talent this Saturday night at Nobbys. It will be worth your while.

Banana Art

My favourite fruit, now available as art... Shock! Horror! This was simply too good not to be shared. The talented and masterful hands behind these creations is a Japanese artist named 'Sue'. Deliscious work Sue, bravo. 


Very cool -  'Toy Stories' prints by UK designer / illustrator Aled Lewis.

Tumblr (Aled Knows Best) - click here

Facebook - click here
Twitter - click here

CARBON - A festival of contemporary style, design and culture

If you not lucky enough to be based in Melbourne already, you might want to consider a visit from April 29th - May 1 for CARBON. Bringing together street fashion, design, art, culture and style featuring the likes of Futura 2000, Lister, Brett Chan, Bobby Hundreds, and a range of others as part of four discussion forums. Shame it wasn't a week earlier and tie in with the long Easter / Anzac Day break.

In nutshell (from the Carbon site):

Between April 29th and May 1st, Melbourne wil play host to Carbon, an event that brings together some of today's most interesting creative minds to present, discuss and share their experiences with local audiences via a series of four discussion forums, each focussed on a specific aspect of contemporary street fashion, design and culture. These forums are surrounded by multiple side-events including art shows, parties and concerts.

More about Carbon - click here
Buy Tickets - click here
Facebook - click here
Twitter - click here

Urban Outdoors

Street art at amazing new levels. Claudio Ethos is a Brazillian street artist bringing abstract ideas to the urban outdoors. His most recent works can be found on the streets of Amsterdam as well as in Paris and in his home town of Sao Paulo. 

To check out a collection of his works, head to his website, take me there
To plug into the world of street art, head to Vandalog, a blog dedicated to showcasing street art as it happens. Take me there.

Gold Coast Cultural Precinct

Gold Coast City Council has unveiled their draft masterplan for the new Gold Coast Cultural Precinct. Filling a void that many residents feel has existed on the Coast for some time, the GCCP proposes a range of cultural facilities including:

  • 2000 seat lyric theatre for world-class musicals and Broadway shows
  • State-of-the-art expanded, 5000m2 Art Gallery, hosting visiting collections from around the world
  • 300 seat multi-purpose concert hall to participate in or watch the Gold Coast Eisteddfod
  • Outdoor events terrace to enjoy functions such as multicultural festivals
  • Cinemas to enjoy art house movies
  • Restaurants/cafes to enjoy alfresco dining before and after the show
  • Discovery centre for an interactive science and technology museum
  • City history library as a valuable resource for our local heritage and memorabilia
  • Cultural library and interpretive centre for indigenous history, reading rooms and book sales
  • Art development area to provide multipurpose spaces for artistic development
  • Creative industry/educational space to encourage a range of cultural activites
  • Retail outlets with an arts focus to support emerging artists and the arts community
  • Outdoor recreational facilities for the enjoyment of the outdoor parklands and lake

Learn more and have your say - www.ourcityyoursay.com.au

Gold Coast Cultural Precinct


  • Friday, 25 February 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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OZ born, NYC based super talented artist Ian Strange AKA Kid Zoom has released a short film of his NYC showing " This City Will Eat Me Alive".


Check it out here. 

Rabbit + Cocoon

  • Thursday, 24 February 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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rabbit+cocoon is a multi-arts hub based on the Gold Coast. They provide individuals and cultural organisations with creative workspaces and platforms for professional development, networking and collaboration. They aim to be a community-driven precinct that acts as a catalyst towards the creative sustainability of our city and the development of local and visiting artists 


  • Thursday, 17 February 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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Nicholas Feltron has just released his 2010 report. This year's report encapsulates his father's life as communicated through classic Feltron infographics.

check it out.


  • Thursday, 17 February 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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Great illustrations by Sydney based illustrator Barry_P

You can buy a treat over at ETSY to grace your walls...who can't resist a good pug? 

Semi Permanent 2011

  • Tuesday, 15 February 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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Semi Permanent has recently launched its site for the 2011 design conference. Speakers announced so far this year include Annie Sperling, Surface To Air, Reg Mombasa, Seb Lester, Michael Leon, Moffitt.Moffitt. Alt Group and Fuel Vfx, so if your daily dose of inspiration isn't getting you over the line, this is well worth the visit for a creative spring clean. 

Robo Rainbow

  • Sunday, 13 February 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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Probably one of the coolest things I have seen in some time and shot on my favourite camera, the Canon 5D. Welcome to the instrument of mass destruction. 


robo-rainbow from mudlevel on Vimeo.



  • Friday, 11 February 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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Das Monk are on the hunt for the next visual genius to join their artist collaborative. All you need to do is create an artwork based on "DIS..." This could be disorder / distortion / discovery... It's open to your interpretation of any word starting with these 3 letters.

So what are you waiting for, dismas? 

Black Fly / Risk / Smash137

Beautifully shot and edited graffiti short film created for Black Fly featuring Risk and Smash137 working on a collaborative mural in Miami for the most recent 'Art Basel' art fair.

Beautiful Mixed Media

  • Sunday, 30 January 2011
  • By Catheryn York
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I have always loved mixed media and when I came across these beautiful pieces using old torn paper & magazines, pencil, pen, crayon and watercolour I am completely in love with argentinian based artist Diego Naguel. 

Wolfgang Bloch

Apart from having a cool name, Californian based Wolfgang Bloch is an amazing artist. Having grown up in Ecuador, he quickly discovered the joy of surfing, and in the process, Ecuador's coastal scenery that would forever serve as his source of inspiration. Subdued palettes, modest and unexpected materials strip these traditional seascapes down to their basics - creating something eerie, beautiful and intense. Amazing!

Wolfgang Bloch website - click here  Follow on Facebook - click here  Artworks Magazine article - click here

Wolfgang Bloch Wolfgang Bloch
Wolfgang Bloch Wolfgang Bloch Wolfgang Bloch

Guitar Lessons

Loving this poster by Argentinian Illustrator Max Dalton

List of guitar masters included on the poster: Frank Zappa, George Harrison, Slash, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Brian May, Johnny Ramone, Jack White, The Edge, Chuck Berry, Angus Young, Pete Townshend, Tony Iommi, Eddie Van Halen, David Gilmour, Ace Frehley, Ritchie Blackmore, Duane Allman, Kirk Hammett, Carlos Santana, John Frusciante, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kurt Cobain, Mike Bloomfield, Jerry Garcia, Ry Cooder, Bo Diddley, Jeff Beck, Tom Morello, Brian Setzer and Peter Green

Need To Want Less

  • Monday, 6 September 2010
  • By Zoe Bruce
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The Recovering Lazyholic, Erin Hanson has produced a simple and thought provoking series of illustrations titled 'Need to Want Less.' The works appear to be based on modern societal themes and explore the growing 'wants' of the Western world. The lines have been blurred and our perception of what is wanted and what is needed are now more likely to be seen as one in the same. All in all these illustrations are both effective and to the point - A dummies guide for navigating through the clutter and back to the essence of human needs and desires. 

The series of illustrations can be found on her website, Recovering Lazyholic. Plus works can also be purchased through her Etsy store. While browsing the Etsy store I stumbled upon another piece, seperate from the 'Need to Want Less' series, and it is definitely finding itself a place on my bedroom wall... click here to view. 

Ron Mueck + GOMA

Our talented graphic designer Daniela trekked to Brisbane on saturday to witness the spectacle that is Ron Mueck. It was the last weekend of the showing at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) before the organization makes room for the Valentino exhibition. The popularity of the show was evident, and lucky for Daniela she pre-booked tickets, the line up was out the door and filling the streets at 930 in the morning! Ron Mueck has had a very colourful history working on an Australian TV program, as a model maker and puppeteer, a movie voiceover, a prop maker specializing in animatronics for the advertising industry and now a famous sculptor. D said it was an amazing exhibition, and definitely worth seeing it if you get the opportunity. 


From Top: (1) Exterior view of 19 Karen, (2) Inside the art space, (3) Abigail Whittaker, 'Loneliness is my sign and my star'. 
It can be seen that the Gold Coast lacks a certain art and culture scene compared to that of other Australian metropolitan hubs but the establishment of the 19 Karen art gallery (by Terri Lew & associates) has been a welcome contributor of change for the GC since 2008. 19 Karen has grown quickly in popularity after hosting many events, classes, exhibitions and the venue can also be hired privately. The level of artists has also increased considerably, with established Australian and international artists consistently on display. This weekend sees Abigail Whittaker, a Brisbane-based artist displaying her work with a solo show titled “The Vision Splendid”. It will be a great way to spend a saturday night seems that I can’t be at splendour

Get Your Creative Hat On

Google Inc.’s video sharing website Youtube has teamed up with the iconic Guggenheim Museum to sponsor a competition to find the world most creative videographers. The competition aptly named “YouTube Play. A Biennial of Creative Video” is calling on people from all over the world to enter their video’s to a specified YouTube channel where a jury of industry professionals, experts, musicians, artists, and designers will shortlist 20 entries and the winner will be announced at the Guggenheim Museum New York on October 21. The aim of this project is to create an outlet of creative expression for you and me. Guggenheim Foundation Director Richard Armstrong stated that "'YouTube Play' demonstrates this is within the reach of anyone who uses a computer and has access to the Internet." YouTube Play is another great example of how a company can increase their brand identity, whilst at the same time, in this case, giving something back to the community in the form art and culture. 

A Collaborative Masterpiece

The latest project from Kuro Interactive studio allows artists from all over the world create a psychedelic, spell binding piece of digital artwork which can be uploaded to a much bigger collaborative piece. The goal of this project is to bring artists together on a global level. The winning artists will receive new MacBook's and Art Institute Scholarships. Presently the installation looks amazing and it will continue to grow, definitely worth checking out.