AIRWALK - Invisible Pop-up Store

Promoting the return of their 'Jim' shoe, launched 20 years ago, Airwalk looked to an augmented reality app to launch invisible pop-up stores in New York and LA.

The invisible stores rewarded customer loyalty but were also fun and perhaps more importantly exclusive. To access the stores, customers downloaded the app and the went to Venice Beach, LA and Washington Square Park, New York. Once there, they were able to capture the virtual shoes that were linked via GPS to each location on their phone and then be taken to the Airwalk e-commerce site and given a pass code link to complete their purchase.

The exclusivity of the promotion and selective choice of site location aligns well with Airwalk brand. According to Airwalk, the original 'Jim' was launched in the early 1990s as “an ode to the most loved/hated school activities of all time, gym class. It’s an anti-gym shoe worn by students who skip gym and instead go to skate parks.”

With a limited run of 300 pairs and not a huge budget for promotion, the invisible store via the augmented reality app was great way for Airwalk to hit their target (men / women 18 - 26) - also catching the attention of those interested in seeing how the technology worked.

Take a look through the video above - a great idea executed well.