East Africa Appeal

Our Art Director Andrew Suggit has been shortlisted in the 2011 Positive Posters Top 30. From 2500+ entries from 80+ countries, Andrew has made the cut with his 'East Africa Appeal' poster. Read more about the appeal below:

According to the United Nations, about 3.6 million people are at risk of starvation in Somalia and 12 million people across the Horn of Africa, including in Ethiopia and Kenya.” - ABC News Online -- The worst drought recorded in 60 years. An estimated 30,000 children have died in Somalia this year from malnutrition. Camp Dadaab in Kenya, the world’s largest refugee camp, is now home to 400,000 displaced people in need of food, clean water, shelter.

Andrew's poster will be on display with 29 more at the Thirty exhibition on November 9 at 1000 £ Bend in Melbourne. 

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One x One x One We Go

Tonight at  19 Karen is the ONE x ONE x ONE skate deck exhibition.
The project aims to raise funds for Skate Programs working with under-privileged youth all over the world.
TUSK's Art Director, Andrew Suggit, has a piece ( below ) on show, so come on down tonight to show some support and see some of the amazing talent the Gold Coast has on offer.



Lego Man Lands Ashore

  • Thursday, 27 October 2011
  • By Zoe Bruce
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Giant Lego Man washes ashore on Siesta Key beach in Florida - Could this be a new marine species?... 

(Image, Jeff Hindman)


Unless you've been living under a rock these last few weeks, you'll be aware of the 'Occupy' protests gathering momentum around the world. The guys in our Melbourne studio were caught up in the 'Occupy Melbourne' protest last Friday when the group made their way down Lygon St and setup directly out the front - see the pic here

One of the better executions we've seen in the way these groups are getting their message out there, comes from the States in this concept for 'Occupy George' . As the website states:

Money talks, but not loud enough for the 99%. By circulating dollar bills stamped with fact-based infographics, Occupy George informs the public of America's daunting economic disparity one bill at a time. Because money knowledge is power.

Occupy George

"Just 400 Americans control as much wealth as the bottom half of the entire country."

Occupy George

"The income growth disparity in America is wider than it was pre-Great Depression."  

Occupy George

"In America, the average CEO earns 185 times more than the average worker."

"The richest 1% of Americans control over 1/3 of the wealth, leaving the bottom 80% with less than 1/5."

"Unless things change, it's safe to assume that our money will ultimately end up in the hands of the one percent." 


Coomera Springs - Tusk Agency

Coomera Springs - Tusk Agency

New print campaign for Coomera Springs

World Polio Day

  • Tuesday, 25 October 2011
  • By Zoe Bruce
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Today marks the birth of Jonas Salk, the inventor of the Polio Vaccine. Therefore today also marks World Polio Day, whereby the Polio breakthrough came decades ago in 1955. Since this time the number of Polio diagnoses has decreased by 99% - #almostthere

Though this statistic is impressive, The Gates Foundation is keen to eradicate Polio to the point of 100%. The Gates Foundation has donated $355 million to the cause and hopes that another $200 million can be raised from people like you and me. The video above has been put together by GOOD and The Gates Foundation to inspire people to take action and contribute to the cause.

We're #almostthere, with the eradication of Polio marking the second only disease to disapear. Contribute to the cause now...

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Sign a petition >>

Finals Shortlist, Monster Children

Mark Trzopek: 'Girls NEUW DENIM', 2011 Monster Children Photography Competition

We would like to again congratulate TUSK Graphic Designer Mark Trzopek who has made it to the final shortlist for the 2011 Monster Children Photography Competition. 1 of his 3 shortlisted images has made it the the finals and Mark will be flying down to Sydney for next Thursday evenings exhibition event, whereby all 3 of his images will be showcased and the winners will be announced. He and we alike, all hope he takes home the $$$$


  • Thursday, 20 October 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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For those dog lovers out there, Mia Cara is a range of hi end accessories for the furry one in the house.

....ze German pooch do it in style.


Gold Coast SUNS // Best and Fairest

Following on from what was such an exciting inaugural season, the Gold Coast SUNS celebrated in style with their first 'Best and Fairest Awards' event. TUSK we are asked to brand the overall event including developing print ads, tickets, programs and menus - the brief: to keep it 'simple, clean and elegant'

Big congratulations to all those involved in the club for such a great first season and to Gary Ablett for taking out the top award for 'Club Champion'. There is plenty already underway and we'll have some great new projects to show you in the coming weeks. If you missing your footy fix and/or just want to keep up to date with all thats going on, you can follow the SUNS here. 

Website: here   Twitter: here   Facebook: here

Gold Coast SUNS Best and FairestGold Coast SUNS Best and Fairest 2011Gary Ablett Gold Coast SUNS Best and Fairest

Letterhead Museum

  • Tuesday, 18 October 2011
  • By Zoe Bruce
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Letterheady is a collation of letterheads - Some old, some new and here's some I found of interest:

Social Media Around the World 2011


Interested in the effect of social media? Consult this 167 page presentation for usage insights, consumer behaviour information, adoption patterns and more. 


TUSK would like to wish the best of luck to our own Mark Trzopek, who has been shortlisted in the 2011 Monster Children Photography Competition. 3 of his photos have been shortlisted across 2 categories; girls and travel.

Check out his entires above - We'll be crossing our fingers and toes in hopes that he takes home the gold!! 

Bleach* Surfing the Fringe

In 2012, the Southern Gold Coast will be home to the city’s newest and most exciting Festival - Bleach Surfing the Fringe. Bleach is Gold Coast’s premiere and inaugural Surf Culture Festival celebrating artistic expression and creativity inspired by surf and beach culture. Via a mix of eclectic pop up art installations, photography and film exhibitions, and music events all targeted to represent the surfing lifestyle, Bleach will take over the spectacular beaches, foreshores and major venues unique to the Southern Gold Coast. 

When: 11-26 February 2012

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Social Management

Finding tools to assist with the management of social marketing can be an arduous task in itself. We recently stumbled upon this little gem, WebTrends which provides management tools and metrics for mobile, social, web and more. From scheduling in facebook posts to comparing your page with competitors, this management and analytical tool boasts an array of useful features. Want some help managing your social assets?... Take a look now >>

Want It?

Like? Share? Want?... That's right folks, welcome the 'want' button. The 'want' button will be available across facaebook, as a bookmark button in your browser, on your website, as an iphone app + more. To find out about all 'want' button applications, click here

KERNTYPE - a kerning game

  • Wednesday, 12 October 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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Ok people, show us your skills.


I'm Here

  • Tuesday, 11 October 2011
  • By Zoe Bruce
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For those who have not yet seen... ABSOLUT I'M HERE.
A love story in an Absolute world - A short film by Spike Jonze. 


Etsy has grown to an e-commerce powerhouse, offering a unique platform for the sale and purchase of handmade and vintage goods. Acting as a testiment to the sheer opportunity for sellers, are Etsy's intimate video portraits of their successful contributers. A profile of Rob Ryan has recently been released and offers an insight into his creatity and its outlet - Etsy. View the video >>


  • Friday, 7 October 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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Type and graphic inspiration from 16 / 8 bit games. 



RIP Steve Jobs

“No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life's change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs 


  • Wednesday, 5 October 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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Lake logos have a tendency to be, well, fairly ugly. This project was created to rethink what they could be. 

10,000 Logos, 1 a day.......ouch.

Check them out HERE.

Ride 2 Work Day

Ride 2 Work day is upon us. Grab your helmet, your fanciest 2 wheels and peddle push your way to work this October 12th. Last years event saw over 100,000 people board their bikes for work and this years event is set to top this figure. Gear up for the event with our tips below:

  • Deck yourself out in some custom wheels - get me a bike >>
  • Grab a free community breakfast onroute - where to eat >> 
  • Suss out the latest hipster cycle style with what The Gardian calls “the Sartorialist on two wheels” - take me there >>


  • Monday, 3 October 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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The date has been set for the R + C Official Launch!

Save the date for the evening of 11 November 2011.



  • Sunday, 2 October 2011
  • By Andrew Suggit
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The sweetest dreams are had sleeping inside a giant Sleepyhead Chocolate Bar....or Sardine Can.

Designer and business owner Sophie Farquhar always dreamt of sleeping on a piece of toast with a buttered sheet and tin spaghetti doona. This idea has been brought to life in 2011 with the launch of Bed Toppings – Fun for Sleepyheads.
All designs are crafted in Australia and feature Sophie’s hand drawn illustrations.

Bed Toppings turn kids beds into giant objects. Other bedding labels sell sheets and doona covers separately. But with Bed Toppings, the whole bed can play dress ups. Each set includes a doona cover, flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcase, all made with beautifully soft 100% cotton with 200 thread count.



Practical Engineering combines technical skill with practical know-how to produce innovative and functional outcomes.
This new brand combines a thought bubble encased by a technical drawing element in order to reinforce their business function and processes. In addition, a single colour red identity system was chosen, emphasising strength and quality.